For the entirety of 2021, Kelly will donate 6chf from every treatment to causes that matter most right now. 2chf will go to helping girls keep learning by supporting the Malala Fund's covid crisis efforts, 2chf will go to the Alliance Climatique Suisse to fight for climate justice and the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement, and 2chf will go to helping children around the world through UNICEF's emergency aid related to the Corona Crisis. We are all united in our hope that 2021 will be a year of positive change. Although most of us experienced serious reductions in our personal finances last year, and volunteering efforts were and still are greatly challenged, it is more important than ever to stand together and support those most severely affected by the Covid crisis, as well as to fight for the important issues that impact all of our futures. Every appointment you book will enhance not only your personal health and wellbeing, but also have a global impact through giving.

Vitalità is currently open for Osteopathy, Pilates and Fitness classes are held virtually. All protective sanitary measures will remain firmly in place until further notice, including medically certified masks worn at all times, complete disinfection of surfaces between patients, patient-screening for symptoms and exposure risk, and appropriate room ventilation during and between appointments. Keeping everyone safe and maintaining a hygienic treatment space are of the utmost importance, and patients who are ill or who have been in direct contact with anyone who is ill are requested to delay their appointments.

Due to the current situation, Vitalità is completely closed until further notice. In an attempt to continue to provide a service to those in physical pain, to boost morale for those who are isolated, and to stay healthy and connected, I have launched LockdownFitness - Live Online Personalised Training and Rehabilitation for Small Spaces.

Lockdown Fitness

Live Online Personalised Training and Rehabilitation for Small Spaces.

All proceeds from Community Classes will be donated to the HUG Foundation, as well as 25% of proceeds from all other classes. Stay Healthy, Fit and Connected!

Community Classes
Log in here for live classes Monday and Friday evenings at 17h30. Classes are free upon open donation to the HUG Foundation.
The ultimate core training class that strengthens and lengthens from head to toe! Great for injury prevention and off-setting the negative effects of computer work. Get together virtually for friends’ classes or private lessons in your living room!
Small Space Cardio HIIT and Functional Strength
Quick and effective workouts to get you sweating and keep you happy! These can be designed using bodyweight only, or can incorporate equipment that you have at home (s/a kettlebells, sliders etc).
Osteo Rehab
A personalised program for existing patients to work on imbalances at home, using exercises, stretching and rolling.
Pre- and Post- natal Workouts
Stay strong, happy and balanced as your body goes through a year of continuous change!
Vinyasa Yoga
Flow with your breath, giving yourself a mind/body break from these stressful times. Classes can be tailored to your energy levels!