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Kelly is passionate about comprehensive health, balance in all aspects of life, and about the human body & mind. A multidisciplinary background provides her with a unique skill set with which she helps restore physiological balance in each patient. In taking a full hour for every appointment, Kelly ensures that she has the time to listen to both the patient’s symptoms and concerns, to globally evaluate their health, and to give a complete and integrated treatment.

Kelly is currently doing a MSc thesis on the autonomic nervous system, as well as conducting an  EU-funded, international research project on the prevention of acute mountain sickness using osteopathic medicine, in association with IFREMMONT.



Kelly Riis-Johannessen

Certified Osteopath - Swiss International College of Osteopathy

Researcher - IFREMMONT

Certified Craniosacral Therapist - Swiss International College of Osteopathy

BA Psychology - University of British Columbia, Canada

asca accredited

Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher

Certified Pilates Instructor

Ambassador Patagonia Chamonix




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